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Malla No. 3 (ELLOS, US)
Davis R. Birks

Two areas of interest prompted the initiation of the MALLA series. One was the sociological implications of any wall or fence and the other was the opportunity to take advantage of the physical characteristics of the chain link fencing for this sculpture.

From a simple line drawn in the earth, to the most sophisticated security wall, the boundaries we establish are charged with a range of inherent sociological, political and psychological burdens. How these burdens are interpreted depends from which side of the barrier you are on. You are either in, or out.

The “power of transparency” has been an important sociological tool since the 18th century. Among other advantages, it is the transparency of the chain link fence that has established it as a common physical element utilized in much of the world today. Surveillance can be exercised from either side of the fence.

It is also the transparent aspect of the chain link fence I wanted to bring into play regarding the visual aspects of the MALLA series. Because thick round wire is utilized for its construction, I thought it may be possible to carefully paint distinct messages on either side of the fence to create a barrier that can not only be seen through , but where the dual interpretations of the barrier could be addressed in an intriguing visual manner.

ELLOS,_US (2002)
Tubular metal frame, chain-link fencing, barbed wire and spray paint
200 x 96 x 34 cm.


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